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Exercises and Creative Studies for the Improvising Pianist

Will be here soon, at the latest dec 2022

The studies in CATALOGUE I have been assembled to provide pianists, whose musical activity primarily is based on improvisation, comping, playing from charts/lead sheets etc….with the same motoric/technical facility and overall instrumental control as the classical founded pianist achieves by studying both a wide range of exercises and, most important, the rich body of classical and contemporary works for piano.

This said having in mind that crossing over any musical border is the everyday agenda for many pianists . . .

The aim of CATALOGUE I is to cover  “all” aspects within a minimum of exercises, ideas and examples. 

From a motoric/technical point of view the exercises are based on a Non-Pressure Philosophy, the essence of which is that motion, transfer of weight and focusing on the fingertips as the main tool should be the mother of facility, muscular strength, stamina and ability to vary the performance in any touch, shade and dynamics. Add to this the idea of : Let the Instrument do the Work…           

The core of this survey lies on the acoustic piano. Synths, stage pianos etc.. vary greatly as to the feel and the weight, response and rebound of the keys. However, building up a sound piano technique should enable you to deal with a variety of keyboards. 

How to use these studies: Vary, alter, tranpose, change dynamics, change meter/phrasing, tempo, direction…play left hand/right hand in different keys etc…This should turn the exercises into creative studies…..More on that in both Catalogue I and II.
There will be some idendity between the exercises and creative cells in Catalogue I
and Catalogue II

The accompanying videos are to be seen be as one of many references: 
No pair of hands are equal to each other.

The links to the videos will be written on this page.                                                                        


The inspiration and the sources for both Catalogue I and II work are numerous !!! 
Better mention none than forget some . . . .


CATALOGUE II         Will be here soon, at the latest . . . .

The aim of Catalogue II is to cover the vast aspects of improvising, voicing, comping, accompanying, arranging for solo piano, metric studies, destinctive stylistic features, creating new sounds  etc..etc..etc…within a minimum of examples.

The term “Creative Studies” is essential to Catalogue II: Every studie, every exercise, all the concrete contents is ment to be practised as written or described - and then varied, changed, altered etc…in order to become part of your language and sound for further developing, altering, varying and creating.

The studies and exercises in Catalogue I along with the exercises in Catalogue II should hopefully support each other, developing your facility and ability to play both complicated parts and “play what you imagine/play what you hear” ….

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