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Niels Thybo

Pianist, Composer, Educator 
Born 26.01.1955


Finishing a Piano Concerto featering also  Mezzo-Soprano, Violin and Symphony Orchestra (Strings and Woodwind). Working title: “Poema

Writing on new Songs and instrumental Tunes to be released both as Audio and Sheet Music... To be published also as Songboo

Revising a collection of Chamber Music Works, to be published….

Editing Recordings w. PAINTBOX, scheduled release:...

Revising the Opera "Skriftet fra Lima"(The Chronicle from Lima) commissioned by Den Fynske Opera (The Funish Opera).

Revising Writings on Piano Technique, Improvisation and more…

Earlier Projects: 

Revising Rosewood Concert for Marimba, Percussion and String Orchestra, scheduled publishing by Edition Svitzer autumn 16.

Writing a work for TipToe BigBand and Choir, feat. folk songs by Carl Nielsen. First performance 21.11.2015

Recording w. TipToe BigBand feat. Harald Haugaard. released 31.12. 2015

Revising the live recording of Clarinet Concert "Write Symbol" for Clarinet Soloist Ron Chen-Zion and Tiptoe Bigband, first performance 27.03 2014, recorded 28..03.14

Concerts and tours Nanne EmelieTipToe BigBandATA-jazzCocoSon/Salsa Na’Ma, Latin Quarter Dance Project and others...Release concert w. PAINTBOX.


Recording w.  ATA JAZZ (Saxophonist Anders T. Andersen), released sept 14

Co-writing for new album w. Singer/Songwriter Nanne Emelie

Teaching at Danish National Academy of Music/Odense, a.o. conducting the Research Project "Improvisation for Classical Musicians 


Graduating (Master) in Piano from The Royal Danish Academy of Music (1982)  

The Kids, Winnie the Pooh, Octopus, Niels Thybo Quintet, Thad Jones Eclipse, Salsa Na Ma, Karsten Houmark Quartet, Paintings, Karsten Vogel Quartet, Bjarne Rostvold Quintet, Attila Engine Group, The Radio Jazz Group, The Danish Radio Big Band, The Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Mosquito, Coco Son, Frits Helmuth/Karsten Vogel, JUEZ. Niels Thybo Trio with a.o..Jens Melgaard/Thomas Blachman, Lennart Ginman/Thomas Blachman, Bo Stief/Jon Christensen, Bo Stief/Marylin Mazur, Lars Danielsson/Peter Danemo, Bo Stief/Lennart Gruvstedt, Peter Hansen/Chano Olskær. Grupo Chango, The Tivoli Big Band, Manteca,  Marie Bergman, Toneart Ensemble, DSO, Christina Bjørkøe, ATA-jazz, Plain, Michael Sandwick/Brenda Buffalino, CocoSon, TipToe Big Band, Brad Turner, Nanne-Emelie Group, Jeanette Arp/Jon Bruland, Niels Thybo Paintbox  and more..  

Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Poland, Lithuania, Canada, Cuba, China (Beijing), Italy… Festivals: Kongsberg, Rennes,  Montreal, London Jazz Festival, Warsaw Jazz festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival a.o. … 
With Chamber Orchestra: Vilnius , Malmö... 



Combos and mixed line-ups: 
Songs and Tunes (list of tunes and songs will be on asap) for NT Quintet, NT Trio, Paintings, JUEZ, Salsa Na Ma, Giant Orchestra ‘90, Solo Piano, ”Hands & Feet & “Happy Feet” (Tap Shows), Music for PAINTBOX  

Music for Misc. Orchestras  
In the Nick of Time          Commissioned/First performance by The Danish Radio Jazz Group 
Las tres de la Noche        Commissioned/First performance by New Music Orchestra.  
Una Historia de Amor      Commissioned/First performance by Salsa Na’Ma’  
Safest Sign of Spring       Written for the East/West Workshop  
(lyrics Trine Dansgaard) 

Music for Choir 
Chain Song (1996) Lyrics by Trine Dansgaard Commissioned and written for the Choir Kolorit 
Sinfonia de la Trilla (1998)    Commissioned and written for the Choir Korlasje  
Lyrics by Pablo Neruda 

Music for Chamber Ensembles 
ARABESQUE (2003)    Commissioned/First performance by Ensemble Fyn  
for Piano and Chamber Ensemble.  

THREE MINIATURES (2004)    Commissioned/First performance by Embla Trio  
For Clarinet (Cl. i Bb/Bascs Cl.), Bassoon and Piano 

Music for Chamber Orchestra (String Orchestra) and  soloists (obligato      
and improvised parts )
MATIELU. (1999) 
SHORT PIECES I - IV (2002/2003)   
ROSEWOOD CONCERT (2005),    Commissioned/First performance by Ronni Wenzell  
(first perf.16.11.05 ) 
(for C-Marimba, prepared Vibraphone, Percussion and Strings) 

Music for Piano (solo) 
The Ant Hill (1992)                   Commissioned/First performance by Rosalyn Bevan  
La Gazzella (2002)                   Commissioned/First performance by Hanne Bramsen  
Ten Miniatures for Piano (2005/2006)  Commissioned/First performance by Christina Bjørkøe/NT 
(first perf. 4.4.2006) 

Music for Guitar (solo) 
FIVE LETTERS FOR GUITAR (2006/2007) Commisioned/First performance by Jesper Sivebæk 
(first. perf.  8.5.2007) 

Music for Cello and Piano 
PIANELLO VIANO  (2010)  Commisioned/First performance by Niels Ullner og Christina Bjørkøe 
First Perf.  30.nov/1.dec 2010 

 Skriftet fra Lima”   Opera in 2 acts, Commissioned by Den Fynske Opera.    

"Write Symbol" for Clarinet Soloist Ron Chen-Zion and Tip Toe Big Band
First performance 27.3.2014

“Congratulations Carl!” Variations on 3 songs by danish composer Carl Nielsen
Written for The Funish Chamber Choir and TipToe BigBand. First perfomance 21.11.2015



Misc.Workshops and Clinics   

1989-2004  Teaching at Rhythmic Music Conservatory 

1987-2018 Assistant Professor at National Danish Academy of Music/Odense 


As a bandleader :
Quintet:    Songs for Sascha                       LP, Stunt Records, '84 
Trio:    The Story                                       LP, Stunt Records, '87  
Trio:    Unexpected                                    CD, Stunt Records, '92 
Trio:    Trio Music                                       CD, Stunt Records,  '98  
Niels Thybo PAINTBOX:  Paintbox Music     Download and more... autumn 2018 


As a band member/sideman 
The Kids:   Three singles                                Teener, ’65-'68 
Juez:    There’s a Room                                  CD, Stunt Records, '88 
Juez:    Paper Walls                                        CD, Stunt records, '92 
Juez:    House of Glass                                   CD, Stunt Records, '96 
Salsa Na Ma:    Differente                               LP, WH, '86
Karsen Vogel Kvartet:  Evergreens                   LP, Storyville, '86 
Karsten Vogel/Niels Thybo : God only knows     CD, Stunt Records, '97 
Jens Lysdal:   A Matter of Time                        CD, Stunt records,'95  
Tivolis Big Band:  Sentimental Journey             CD, Hamlet, '98  
TipToe BigBand:   Blue Dawn                           CD marts 2010 
Nanne-Emelie Group:  Once Upon A Town         CD, VME, maj 2011 
TipToe BigBand:    BigStep                               CD/LP, marts 2011 
TipToe BigBand:    Galadriel                              DVD, august 2012
Ander T Andersen ¡jazzjazz!: "low flow"             CD/Download, Released sept. 2014 
TipToe BigBand: New Album feat. Harald Haugaard - release autumn 2015
Nanne Emelie Group:  new album                     Album release autumn 2015
Misc. compilations………... 



“... One of Denmark’s leading jazz pianists and composers.. Thybo is a world class musician with strong ties to 
the jazz tradition but very European roots...
” (The Tenor Clef, London jazz festival) 


“...first of all he’s performing in his own right, improvising with great imagination and a subtle though still  ntensely glowing expression...” (Orkesterjournalen/S) 


...sprængt og abstrakt, men også fantasibefordrende udtryk...lyriske vandhuller omgivet af sprælske rødder 
og vildskud af utæmmet musik, der ikke sådan lader sig indfange af ord...
” (Jazz Special/DK) 


“...Alle diese komponenten fügen sich zu stimmigen, sehr originellen Klanglandschaften...” (Jazz Live/D) 


“...mixes elements of modern classical music into the language and feeling of a soloist he showed off 
his eminent skills....the originality of his writing was evident...
(Fyns Stiftstidende/DK) 


“...Thybo har en egen udstråling, udtrykskraft og nerve...”  

(Århus Stiftstidende/DK) 


“....Niels Thybo..hvis harmonisk både dristige og raffinerede klaverspil jeg ikke mindes at have hørt smukkere 
udfoldet end her...
” (Berlingske Tidende/DK) 

 rev. feb 2020

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