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1. Introduction
solo piano, from TRIO MUSIC
2. La Gazzellina
solo piano, DPA Recording Session
Hommage à Sibusiso Zuma
3. Rattling Miniature
Chano Olskær (drums) / NT 

Paintbox 1

WRITE SYMBOL For Clarinet, Mezzo Soprano and Big Band
Written in 2012/2013 for Clarinet Soloist 
Ron Chen-Zion and  TipToe BigBand 
First performance march 2014.
Singer: Jullie Hjetland
Guitar Soloist: Simon Krebs
Drum Soloist: Chano Olskær
Piano: NT
Conductor: Torben Sminge
Audio Excerpts coming up! 


Musicians on the album:

Trine Dansgaard: Vocals
Jesper Riis: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Ronnie Wenzel: Marimba/Vibraphone/Percussion
Per Gade: Acoustic Guitar
NT: Piano/Prepared Piano
Peter Hansen: Acoustic Bass
Chano Olskær/Drums/Glockenspiel

4. The Plea, (excerpt)
5. The Promise Prelude 
6. The Promise 
7. La Donna      
8.Valemon Prelude
9.Valemons Song  (excerpt) 
10. Chorale
11. L’Azzurro Prelude    (excerpt) 
12. Breeze          
13. Strollin’       
14. By the Way       
15. Light as Ever   
16. Oops…
17.At The End of The Day (excerpt) 


Excerpts from the 1998 Trio Album   feat.: 
Bo Stief on Bass and Finger Snap  
Lennart Gruvstedt on Drums, Marimba and Log Drum/Percussion
NT also on The Landini “portable" Organ - modern copy built by Carsten Lund
18. The River (excerpt)           
19. Landini Speaks (excerpt)      
20. Epilogue
21. Prepared Piano 1
22. Prepared Piano 2
23. Prepared Piano 3

JUEZ  Live at Copenhagen/Prime Time Studios 

Track 24+26: 2 tracks from the 1995 Concert, feat. Trine Dansgaard on vocal, NT , Henrik Sveidahl on tenor- and soprano saxophone, Thomas Ovesen on Bass and Anders Mogensen on DrumsTrack 25 form Prime Time Studios 1994

(All lyrics by Trine Dansgaard) 
24. Ocean Child                        
25. Behind The Curtains           
26. Inexpressible (vocal version)
BUY    (album versions)

Excerpts from the 1992 Trio 
Bo Stief on Bass and Lennart Gruvstedt on drums
on * feat.  also feat.
Marylin Mazur and Jon Christensen on Drums/Percussion
and NT on Prepared Piano 
27. Unexpected (excerpt)             
28.Chameolation*   (excerpt)        
29. Inexpressible (trio version)

Tracks from the 1988 Trio Album feat. Jens Melgaard on Bass and Thomas Blachman on Drums will come…

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